Q: dang! I LOST an earring. What are the chances I can Order a mate to pair with my solo earring?

A: We hear you. Chances are, one of us already lost an earring this morning. We have a 50% discount code for ordering a single earring. Drop us a line and we’ll get you sorted out.

Q: I’m more of a hands-on shopper — is there somewhere i can shop in person?

A: Happily, we have a ton of great retail partners we would love for you to visit and patronize.

Q: My brass jewelry could use a little love — Do you have any tips for shining it up?

A: We dig brass so hard, but sometimes it needs a refresh. We have a bunch of tips on how to care for your brass.

Q: I dig your stuff, and want to sell it in my store. Does Commonform do WHOLESALE?

A: Thank you for your interest, and yes we do. We have a Wholesaler Toolkit to provide more information about our wholesale process and how to initiate a wholesale order. Check it out and if you have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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